SAGAERI - Locations

Environmental characteristics, urbanistic parameters and planning local building codes together to social target destination and budget data are driving the urban project that decides the location and use land planning.


The intervention areas must be urbanized (VRD) and access road for men and equipment to assembly should be accessible.

The main models of location used are:

1. isolated building lot in its surface di
    varies choice;

2. isolate building on lot with
    standard measures, m15x30 = 450sqm;

3. two buildings with symmetry common
    wall, on a plot of m15x30 = 450sqm;

4. two buildings with their own wall,
    aggregates twos or continuous line or
    terraced house on a plot of 300 square
   meters = M10x30.

Our system, using an industrialized process, it is able to provide already at the first contacts, precise data on times and price, in relation to the supply of quantities and characteristics of the buildings that are to be placed in site, on the other hand facilitates and speeds up the design of a any residential settlement that uses our homes.

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