The system produces one-story residential housing units. The system can create 3 houses per day, but could produce even more. The size of each building is determined by the project. The system isn't limited territorially. It adapts to the commission's number, utility systems, and location. The construction materials used are traditional: iron, cement, and insulation, as are the facilities and finishes.


Collection and Delivery Points, (PReS) are chosen for their vicinity to ports that are equipped for container shipments by sea. The containers are loaded with components related to a specific building. The components are sent to the target construction site without plaster or concrete. The local enterprise realizes the assembly of the components, as well as the finishes, plastering, utility systems, etc.


The system produces high-quality buildings and programmed quantities at a cost in dollars/sq ft that is very competitive. Website ( shows the logistics for shipping and delivery and some examples that are under construction, as well as types of buildings that are finished.

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